60pcs Kudzu/Pueraria Root Extract

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Item Type: Weight Loss Creams
Brand Name: LOVMAJO
Type: Pueraria Root
Product name: Kudzu/Pueraria Root Extract
Model number: JS-001
Function: Improve Immunity

Pueraria, the name of this Chinese medicine. It is derived from the dry roots of the leguminous plant Pueraria lobata (Wild) Ohwi.

It has antipyretic effects which alleviate fever, and soothes rashes from measles, and helps prevent dehydration due to diarrhea.

1. Fever: This product has antipyretic effects, which alleviates fever, swelling, and inflammation. It promotes sweating and is a solution for muscle pain.
2. Measles: It relieves muscle pain and fever, and it also soothes rashes from measles.
3. Yin Deficiency: Yin deficiency could usually be the result of prolonged stress levels that offset the amount of time we spend at rest. It could affect the digestive system and its functions. This product encourages the stomach and spleen to clear gas.
4. Diarrhea: This product could calm the digestive system to relieve the effects of diarrhea.
5. Hypertension: Pueraria can directly expand the blood vessels so that the peripheral resistance is reduced, and there is a significant antihypertensive effect, which can better alleviate the "cold tight" symptoms of hypertensive patients.
Packing List : 60pcs/ bottle